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Physical Exercise in Type I (or) IDDM Pregnancy

Physical Exercise in Type I (or) IDDM Pregnancy

Following guide lines would be useful

 Relaxed walking for 20 to 30 minutes daily is the best form of exercise during pregnancy for IDDM patients
 Avoid exercise during peak of insulin action.
Post exercise carbohydrate supplement for avoidance of hypoglycemia which may occur several hours after    completion of exercise.
 Avoidance of breath holding / anaerobic exercise.
Exercise should be stopped if the person has abdominal or low back pain, bleeding P.V. dizziness or faint,    palpitation, breathlessness or claudications.
Contra indications for exercise would also include, multiple gestation, severe emotional stress and obstetric    causes like antecedent recurrent abortions, cervical incompetence / hydramnios, and other risk factors for    preterm labour.

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