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DIABETOPAEDIA.COM is not a book on Diabetes and its complications.

This portal gives the A to Z of diabetes in practice.

It is an attempt to LINK THEORY AND PRACTICE OF CLINICAL DIABETES and present to the reader the    quintessence of the multifarious facets of diabetes encountered over a span of over 35 years.

It aims to reach a wide section of people who could play the role of "enablers"(facilitators) in the process of    early detection, appropriate management, possible prevention, proper education and help the millions of people    with diabetes live a full, functional, and meaningful life with this ubiquitous disorder.

This portal is based upon the knowledge and experience gained by application of evidence based diabetology in a    clinical setting by the clinician in the southern Indian metro of Chennai (Tamil Nadu).

It is hoped that this observational, practice based medicine would help future generations of clinical    diabetologists in achieving greater degree of practical compliance and cooperation which is the backbone of long    term surveillance of diabetes, so essential for prevention of its complications.

This portal has a separate academic section reflecting the Chairman's own spheres of interest and clinical    research publications, which aims to give a new direction, particularly in the field of Juvenile IDDM research.

The portal has a third section which gives a blue print of the Dream Hospital & Research Centre for Diabetes    and the allied Multi-System afflictions. The hospital is envisaged as a three tier, economically viable    proposition to cater to all the sections in the community. It should interest particularly the Health care    Providers (Health Insurance Companies, State/National Planning Groups as well as corporates and NGOs with    social commitment).

Finally, it must be stated that this Portal is not a static one; it is a dynamic, interactive, on-going one, which    is committed to upgrade its contents with advances in technology, not blindly, but after sufficient sincere    analysis. is a unique portal dedicated,

To the people of Diabetes,
for the people interested in the welfare of Diabetes,
By the people

who have had experience and expertise in diabetes management for over three and a half decades.

Tamil Nadu
Dr.C. V. Krishnaswami
F.R.C.P. (E) D.T.M. & H. (EDIN)


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