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:: Foot Care Tips

Look at your feet daily, both the upper surface and the soles
Keep your feet clean; clean and dry the area between your toes
Moisturize daily if the feet are dry - Liquid paraffin or coconut oil
Cut nails straight across
Wear comfortable, correct fitting footwear that should not compress the feet
Check footwear for protruding rivets, heavy stitches that rub against skin etc.
Break in new footwear gradually, wearing it for just 15-20 minutes for the first day
During daily exercise / walking, wear correct footwear. If in doubt, wear them to the clinic and show them to your doctor. Don't worry, he will not laugh at you
If there is any area of soreness / tenderness / reddening, consult your doctor immediately
Avoid practicing surgery on yourself or going to the roadside specialist. Your feet should last you a lifetime - they deserve a bonafide specialist when there is any problem

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