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Detect Diabetes before symptoms- Helps you to live positively with diabetes.

Document (Personal Medical Record Book/Chart)- Baseline History, Clinical Findings, investigations.
Diagnosis - (of type of diabetes) and document co-morbid conditions.

Daily Exercise - Plan with your doctor - according to individual needs.
(A walk a day keeps the Doctor almost away)

Discuss with your doctor- your lifestyle, goals, stress factors.

Decide for yourself regarding your habits - Tobacco, Alcohol, or any other addictive agents - seek the help of your doctor to overcome this.

Declare war - against untested; unproven, unethical and exaggerated claims of Quack therapies.which are ad blitzed in the media - & spread by word of mouth - consult our doctor  and the diabetologist.
Drug Regimen - Short term objectives; long term plan;Always remember that in type 2 diabetes (Adult type NIDDM) drugs are to be minimized,regularly reviewed & revised if required only after assessing all other controllable/correctable factors - Not on the basis of laboratory reports alone!

Drug for type 1 diabetes (IDDM) - occurring in young people (very very rarely in older age  group) Daily insulin injections is a must. Do not try any other remedy. It will be dangerous &  disastrous.

Do Not be complacent - once the initial control Of diabetes is achieved - plan with your doctor, the long term protocol for surveillance of your diabetes and enter all important medical, laboratory data in your Personal Medical Record Book/Chart.
Do your - annual diabetes surveillance package of tests with out fail; three monthly (or as directed by your doctor) tests and enter these in your Personal Medical Record Book/Chart.
Diet check - should be done scientifically by the nutritionist once in 3 months - particularly if your diabetes control is variable and not steady & satisfactory.
Don't Forget - to have a full eye check-up once a year (or) as your doctor advises.

Don't neglect the feet and footwear - use specialized, custom made MCR or suitable foot wear in consultation with your doctor. (Link to foot wear images).

Don't Neglect - Concurrent infections, dental problems, etc however minor they may appear.
Do not - chop or change drugs without consulting your doctor.
Demand - and get a full and quality life despite diabetes; it is your companion not a disease; it  is a disorder - you can correct it; and co-exist happily and positively.
Diabetes - information bullets are meant to hit you to live - not Maim or kill. - is gunning to help you to live positively, a full life with diabetes.

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