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The purpose of medical astrology is to explain the planetary influences, which cause various diseases, afflictions and accidents. Thus, in astrology, it is possible to predict the disease or disorder that the person may have during his lifetime. In this article we would like to highlight the fact that diabetes can be predicted based upon the planetary positions in your chart.

The following are a few combinations seen in the charts,which denote the disease.

1. Venus and Jupiter having connections of malefic planets while a malefic occupies the 8th house.
2. Moon and Jupiter with malefic connections when a malefic is posited in the 8th.
3. Venus and Jupiter having association and aspects of malefic when the Ascendant is occupied by a malefic.
4. Venus with a malefic in 8th with aspects of a malefic.

5. Aspects of malefic on Lagna, the lord of Lagna in his depression or inimical sign and Venus in the 8th house. In this combination, instead of actual placement of Venus in the 8th house, his full aspect on the 8th bhava gives rise to Diabetes.
6. Rahu and the lord of the 8th house posited in the 8th bhava or in a Trikona cause diabetes.
7. Mercury is a sign of Jupiter aspected by Mars gives rise to the disease.
8. Venus in the 2nd house when the lord of the Ascendant is posited in the 6th bhava coinciding with his debilitation sign and when the rising sign is subjected to malefic aspects brings about this disease.

Some combinations for the disease are: -

1. When strong malefic be in 8th house, and Venus and Jupiter be afflicted.
2. When strong malefic be in 8th house and Moon and Jupiter also be afflicted.
3. When strong malefic be in lagna, and Jupiter and Venus also be afflicted.
4. When strong malefic be in lagna, and Jupiter and Moon also be afflicted.
5. When malefic Venus be in lagna or be in dusthana.
6. If Venus were in 8th house and malefic aspects over the 8th house and Venus be also afflicted by malefic.

Astrologically, by careful examination of birth chart, it is possible not only to diagnose susceptibility to diabetes, but also diseases of other glands.

In several charts, diabetes occurs where

1. Saturn afflicts Jupiter either by aspect or car function.
2. Jupiter is in constellation of Saturn.
3. The Moon afflicted by Saturn.
4. Jupiter is purvashadha constellation.
5. Saturn afflicts Cancer sign.
6. Jupiter afflicted by Rahu and Jupiter is in Rahu Constellation.

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