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Heralding the new millennium and the digital age, we present to our customers  a totally new and innovative approach to the commonest medical problem of this perhaps the next century VIZ. DIABETES MELLITUS. It is known to mankind for over three millennium years, when the ancient Indian physician SUSHRUTHA described two types of Diabetes - ONE WITH YOUTH ONSET AND THE OTHER DUE TO INJUDICIOUS DIET. While very little progress took place in the understanding or treatment of diabetes for over 2900 years, during the last one century, strides in scientific medicine has radically changed the perception and treatment of diabetes for the benefit of man kind, suffering from its ravages.Thus,discovery of Insulin by FREDRIC BANTING & CHARLES HERBERT BEST IN 1921 infused new life into the otherwise premature mortality story of JUVENILE  INSULIN DEPENDENT DIABETES, who depend on daily insulin injections for  survival, growth and well-being.

Oral Hypoglycemic drugs were discovered rather serendipitously by JANBON and later studied by LOUBATIERES of FRANCE in the 1950's. Other modalities of therapy and their benefits were studied in detail, but actually no other discovery has improved the quality and lives of > 150 million persons with diabetes as much as insulin and to a lesser extent OHA. Today persons with diabetes can live a full life of quality that would be on par if not better than their non-diabetic fellow beings. Fortunately for us TYPE - 1 or IDDM is very much less in the world forming about 10% of all diabetes, though its lop-sided distribution wherein it is twenty to thirty times more in the countries of Western Hemisphere than in countries like INDIA, CHINA, JAPAN etc, where it for less than 0.5% of all diabetes. This by itself is a matter for in-depth research. But the most common type of diabetes is TYPE-2 or NIDDM, which generally occurs in people above the age of 25 years but more commonly above 40 years of age. This type of diabetes is common and seen almost in every alternate household. In our population in Chennai, in a larger & scientific study conducted by the VHS DIABETES DEPARTMENT, we found the prevalence of known diabetes to be 2.5% of the general population for all ages; 0.02% for those below 20 years; 4.2% for those above 20 years but below 40 years of age and 9.25% in those 40 years and above thereafter it increased with age. The highest prevalence was in the age group of 65 to 69 years where it is 17.6% in Women and 16% in Men.

Thus it is clear that diabetes affects people in the middle and productive period of their lives and is likely, if neglected, to cause the long-term complications in the pre or post retirement period, when generally speaking human and economic resources are at lower ebb in most families. Therefore it is most essential to understand this long-term companion and plan such strategies that are simple, pragmatic, affordable and of proven efficacy. With the advent and the rapid advances in the field of INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY "THE INTERNET" has today become a storehouse of an enormous range of information on any subject, diabetes being no exception.

Our portal DIABETOPAEDIA.COM is set up with certain specific goals:

To educate and not frighten the public at large and patients in particular who are interested in knowing more about diabetes.

To help the primary care Doctors who see persons with diabetes & its complications, in the midst of their busy practice and for whom the enormous progress in the field of Diabetology particularly in nuances of therapy for control of DM, intricacies of omission & commission of drug treatment for co-morbid conditions, early detection, management modalities for the various important complications and long term surveillance protocol, etc, - All these and more are given in this portal for quick understanding and practical application. They would find the interactive dialogue & chat rooms particularly useful.

We hope that this portal would also prove very useful for aspiring diabetologists, and specialists in other fields like Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology, Gastro-enterology, Ophthalmology, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Orthopedics etc.,

For other health care professionals and Medical Insurance Companies involved in the management and in health economics of Diabetes and its complications, this portal offers valuable information.

It is also our earnest hope that the ethical divisions of the Pharmaceutical Industry and other supportive-product industries involved in the field of Diabetes Care would find this portal a worthwhile proposition.

Finally in attempting to broad base the portal, we have involved the active and continuous participation of a group of talented, dedicated and experien ced team of Health Care Professionals with over 3 decades of experience and expertise in the management of both TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 Diabetes and their full range of complications and co-morbid conditions: both acute and chronic, in their hospital, outpatient and domiciliary settings in Chennai, India.

I have great pleasure in inviting you to CLICK & Browse & get the - Benefit of DIABETOPAEDIA.COM

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